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Film is a medium that is enjoyed by all and we like making them because it is all about perspective. Expressing this viewpoint is our job and we take pride in it because it brings out the best in us. Since the film is a medium representing mixed emotions, we narrate stories most unconventionally and innovatively catering to a diverse audience.

Film Production

We brainstorm, plan and inculcate a story or an idea into the most influential media of art we all fondly call films or cinema. Our team of artists and directors brings the film to life.

Film Permits ↗

If you are shooting a movie in Dubai and looking for film permits from the government, then look no further our team of mediators and public relations will ensure that your shooting in Dubai is hassle-free with the required permission.

Script Approval ↗

Getting the script approved is an early requirement but there is nothing to worry about, as our team of writers is ready to assure you with the approval your film needs to start with the production.

LowLightKing is a specialized B2B video production company that focuses on producing videos to enhance brand recognition and generate enthusiasm among potential clients for collaborating with you.

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