Film Production Company

Web series, Documentaries, or Feature Films

We create films to convey the message subtly, artistically, explosively, and blatantly using the most modern filming equipment trying to capture every shot with a natural look & feel by talented minds at the most scenic locations both indoor and outdoor.

Film Production

Film production is the art of making films, there are three stages involved in the production of any film, pre-production (planning), production (filming), and post-production (editing, color, and visual effects). Once these stages are completed a film comes to life.

Film Permits ↗

A film permit is getting permission by the government to allow filming of motion pictures in a location. Depending on the location, you will have to obtain permits from the concerned authority or council to shoot a movie. Getting film permits is a part of location scouting and is usually the requirement of the location manager to gain permits.

Script Approval ↗

Script Approval falls in the pre-production stage of any filmmaking, getting the script approved is an early requirement, and only after the script approval can we apply for the film permit. The entire script should be submitted in the regional language and need to follow the guidelines to gain approval.

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