Line Production Company

Line producers keep the project up and running from the start to the end, they make sure that there is a smooth flow of work without any hindrance and timely deliverance is maintained. They plan and prepare the estimate, budget, schedule, and execution without incurring too much expense. Our team at LowLightKing is skilled and experienced to handle line production for films of any genre in Dubai. Even if you are new to the country, we can guarantee you that all your requirements will be met by us without any delay.

Location Scouting

Location scouting happens during the pre-production stage of filmmaking, where they hunt for the perfect location to shoot a film indoors and outdoors. The director along with the art director and creative team does the location hunt for any movie. The location has to look aesthetically pleasing so that it enhances the viewer’s experience visually. The location has to be easily accessible and also not cost a big budget.

Film Permits ↗

Film Permits allow you to legally carry out your film production in any location of your choice. The film permit will be issued by the concerned authority after going through different submission processes. Film permits have to be obtained prior to the shooting during the pre-production stage.

Hiring Film Crew ↗

A film crew is a group of people hired by the film production company to help during the production of the movie. Film crews are hired to work under various departments and are often present throughout the movie to help with the concerned department.


Casting is where the actors are decided. A casting director chooses the actors according to the character in the movie. There will b a lot of characters but the hero or antagonist and the villain or the protagonist always steal the limelight. The actors will have to learn the script and enact it out during the filming process.

Hiring camera and equipment ↗

The camera is the most important equipment of in any film production. Most often cameras and other necessary equipment have to be hired from a third party. The director and the director of Photography decide on the camera and the equipment to rent out, the script also plays a part in the camera hiring process.

Post-production ↗

The film editor along with the director heralds the post-production team and is responsible for assembling the videos into a sequence that results in the story as we see it in the theatres. Post-production is the last stage in the film production process.

Any dream or vision comes to life when there is a good support system to help you execute the work. This is certainly not a one-man’s job and you need to work closely with the filming crew and production team to effectively plan and schedule location scouts, get permits, hire cameras and equipment as well as decide on a stunning cast once the script is confirmed and budget is finalized. A good team of line producers helps in the successful execution of the project. Every little detail is executed with the client’s approval and requirement.

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