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What sets LowLightKing Productions apart from any other film production company in Dubai is our creativity, skills, and expertise rendered by a team of talented experts. Every frame that we generate is a result of continuous brainstorming, visualization, and illustration. We try to impart authenticity and innovation in our work to bring out videos that shout excellence and dedication. The camera and equipment we use are the most advanced, which allows us to capture videos in natural light without losing the real essence of the shot. From the ideation to the storyboard to the shooting and the final cut, we surpass it all to make beautiful visuals happen.

Film Production ↗

Film is a medium that is enjoyed by all and we like making them because it is all about perspective. Expressing this viewpoint is our job and we take pride in it because it brings out the best in us. Since the film is a medium representing mixed emotions, we narrate stories most unconventionally and innovatively catering to a diverse audience.

Corporate Video ↗

Corporate videos are an absolute necessity in any business. If there is one remarkable way to broadcast your business and its prospects, today and tomorrow, this form is the best medium of communication. It helps your brand to reach out to new audiences and boost sales. It covers
customer testimonials, success stories, company culture, corporate interviews, case studies, corporate stories, virtual conferences, explainers, and products.

Digital Content ↗

This new wave of digital advertising has taken the whole world by storm. The target audience is so widespread that multiple contents are created to suit them and their devices like mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc. Digital platforms are the most powerful medium today considering the entire world as the audience and easy fingertip access.

Video Streaming

Video these days have found a new feat amongst the social media audience. Our world has become much smaller than we can watch any event from across the globe through live video streaming. Webinars are lectures, video presentations, seminars, training classes, etc. hosted and delivered online to individuals/students all over the world.

Line Production ↗

Film making is no easy feat and we realize that hence we step into that developmental phase where expertise, skill, and networks matter the most. With us you can execute all your line production without much hassle, we deliver line production services for films across all of UAE. Leaving no stones unturned, we promise the best services rendered by some of the best talents in the industry.


The final stage of completion is where a movie or film comes to life in post-production. Reels, video, and raw footages become real in this process where we incorporate audio, video, color, and VFX and perform the final editing. Post-production is the stage in a filmmaking process that can decide the fate of a movie.

We help with every part of the process


We listen, research, write, edit & present


This is everything that happens before we pull the cameras out


Now, we pull the cameras out


The editing magic begins

Video Launch

There is nothing more satisfying than watching a video you’ve been a part of coming to life.


  • Idea Creation
  • Producing
  • Scripting
  • Filming
  • Editing
  • Sound & Audio
  • Post Production
  • Color & Finishing

LowLightKing is a specialized B2B video production company that focuses on producing videos to enhance brand recognition and generate enthusiasm among potential clients for collaborating with you.

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