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The expertise of an editor and director becomes evident during this stage where the videos are put in a sequence narrated, dialogues rendered, and polished to make it into a format like what we see on the big screen in a theater or cinema hall. Although very technical, post-production also requires the creative team to step in and provide their inputs. The end results matter, how the audience perceives it, their reaction to it, and the impact it leaves on them matters. Simply because a movie is going to be talked about for generations and hence the final editing stage is where the magic happens.


Editing is the process of selecting individual images or videos and assembling them in a  particular style so that the story or message is conveyed. During the editing, some portions of the movie can be corrected, removed, or added according to the script and as per the needs of the director.

Grading ↗

Color grading is the process by which the image is enhanced for a better viewing experience on any device. The color, brightness, contrast, saturation, detail, etc may be improved for motion pictures or images and adjusted to suit the aesthetics within the frame.

Audio ↗

Audio is one element that complements the video in the film, the sound designer or editor is in charge of mixing the dialogues rendered, background music, songs, or any other kinds of audio in the film. Good audio is needed to support the video in any movie


VFX or visual effects are special effects added outside of the physical live-action shot. VFX is added in a studio with the help of a talented VFX editor or designer. Breathtaking visualization and illustrations come to life in a movie with VFX, it can be expressed in a subtle and explosive manner to suit the script of the movie.

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